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Bespoke possibilities from start to finish


Damaging your valuable products and goods during transit results in all kind of costs and complications? Valuable time of your employees lost when products arrive damaged or incomplete? Whether you use land, sea or air transport, you want your goods to be well protected. We have the experience to develop and produce your transport packaging. From rugged flight cases for medical equipment shipped worldwide, to waterproof plastic cases with interior holding biometric identification equipment that can be deployed within minutes.

Solution-focused customization from Gefken. Ideal for transport.

In order to give you the best possible advice, we like to think along with you. After all, packaging for air freight requires different specifications than packaging for transport with your own company car. From flight cases with four braked swivel castors under a steel frame with wire springs for low-vibration transport to insulated cases or waterproof plastic cases with a foam interior. We come up with tailor-made solutions for any form of transport. Depending on size, number, weight and mode of transport, we offer the best solution.

Extensive possibilities.

Whether the solution you choose is a flight case, waterproof plastic case or trolley, Gefken prefers to think in possibilities rather than impossibilities. That is why we develop and produce all our cases and flight cases ourselves. Our extensive product portfolio offers solutions for every industry and every application.

Our factory with state-of-the-art machinery enables us to offer solutions that seamlessly meet your requirements. Have a conversation with the makers and discover that the best solutions are more surprising than you think. Interested? Make an appointment with


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Medical and healthcare

Medical equipment, aids, medicines and diagnostic material are often transported. both internally and externally. To laboratories, other hospitals or for training or demonstration purposes to the other side of the world. Based on your needs, we are happy to think along with you for the right transport packaging.

Offshore and energy

Tools, instruments and materials used in the maritime and energy sectors are transported worldwide. By land or sea, or by air freight. On location, goods must be able to be put into use immediately and undamaged. The right transport packaging is therefore a requirement.

Mobility solutions

Being able to work anytime, anywhere? We facilitate it by also producing transport solutions suitable for your systems. Whether it's cash register systems that are integrated into flight cases with sales counters, or equipping your service technicians with laptops, diagnostic equipment and tools.

AV and entertainment

Of course we are also represented in the events industry. From mobile production offices to flight cases for unique hoists and winches for unprecedented automation and rigging systems. Always thought out in such a way that you can build up and dismantle on location as quickly as possible.




During the introduction we will discuss your ideas and requirements. Asking the right questions, enables us to offer suggestions and discuss the best possible solutions.

We are then able to show the available materials and together reach the best possible option.

Design & Quotation

In the design phase, we work out the options discussed. You will receive an offer including 3D design.

The design is lifelike and can already display your artwork. The quote will be on your specifications and quantities and will allow you to assess our offer.

Prototype & Approval

Once you have received the quote and found it acceptable, you have the option of a prototype for further consideration on the design and materials. 

Any adjustments or modifications can be discussed and the final design approved.

Production & Delivery

The production of your order will be planned in accordance with your schedule and when complete, it will go through the final inspection. Once approved, the products will be packed and delivered. 

Should you wish to view the work in progress, then we would be pleased to discuss a visit to our manufacturing facility and arrange a convenient time.