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Presentation cases for home furnishings

Gefken has been designing and producing presentation and sample cases for the residential sector for decades. Manufacturers of sun blinds, taps, solid surface, cast floors, plaster material, indoor and outdoor lighting, alarm systems, home automation and locks, among other things, want to present their products professionally and clearly to dealers and end customers. Well thought out presentation cases help with this. Our starting point is your range and the goal you want to achieve with the cases.

Presentation cases

Your range is decisive.

Depending on your product range, we determine the best interior layout together with you. The size and diversity of the range to be presented is important in this. We determine the classification based on, for example, product type, market segment or dimensions of the products. We ensure that a layout is created in which each product will get the attention it deserves and everything can be presented in a clear manner.

For example, the product that really matters will be in the centre of the case as an eye-catcher and the accessories are positioned around it. To show the possible applications of the product, we can place a 10 inch video module with touchscreen in the lid. You can easily provide this video module with your own content and it will start automatically when the case is opened.

Do you have several product groups you want to present? Then why not add foam interiors so that, depending on which assortment you wish to present, you can place the right interior in the case. In some cases it is also possible to place multiple interiors in a case. The interior with the main products on top, immediately visible when the case will be opened, and the other interiors below within reach. This way you never miss out, you keep the case organised and your presentation professional.

Your assortment therefore determines the size of the case. Down to the millimeter, because all our cases are made to measure. Are the cases getting too big or too heavy with their contents? Then we also have the option of designing the case as a trolley model, including wheels and extendable handle.

The right presentation case contributes to achieving your goals.

It depends on what you want to present how we arrange the cases exactly.

Presentation cases with which you introduce your dealers, installers or resellers to your (new) product (line) require a layout in which they also acquire direct knowledge of assembly, the technology behind the (visible part of the) product and the possible applications. This requires a different type of presentation case than if you want to use the cases as a sample case towards the end customer.

Would you like to let your resellers use your cases to convince the end customers? Then you will probably compete with other manufacturers that your reseller may also represent. From that point of view, the case should also be given a preferred position by your reseller, which is only possible if it is well organised, compact and durable, and you make it easy for your reseller to sell your product. In some cases a case will only be used in a home improvement store, in other cases an architect will take the case to explain the possibilities for a project and in other cases a dealer will take the case to present samples at a customers’ home. Depending on the purpose of the case, the requirements for the case differ.

Whatever circumstances the case will be used under, you naturally want to maintain, radiate and, where possible, strengthen the identity that you have carefully built up as a manufacturer. The cases can therefore be produced in your corporate identity, including printing.

Based on these ideas, we think along with you to achieve your goals, to present products professionally, to let your dealers and resellers work with your products and to safeguard and where possible strengthen your identity.

Presentation cases