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System integration in your cases

In order to present electronic systems such as alarm systems, home automation solutions and lighting systems to potential customers, we are integrating these systems into cases or flight cases for a larger amount of manufacturers of these systems. Plug and play. Or integrated in such a way that a complete range of rechargeable devices can be charged with one plug in the case and the devices can always be presented fully charged. In all these cases, the product can immediately be presented in working order at every customer visit without a long preparation time, which is great for you and your conversation partner. Professional and time-saving. A professional appearance of the cases is of course of the utmost importance in order to be able to give a convincing presentation.

Systems are also often built into cases to be able to carry out certain activities on location. Think of handy flight cases, smaller than a travel case, fully equipped as a mobile check-in desk for airlines. Or an IP67 waterproof plastic case with extendable handle and wheels as a mobile identification kit, including laptop, fingerprint scanner and iris scanner. More simple systems are also being integrated into a case in order to be able to perform and record measurements in the field. For example, systems where a mini-PC or laptop, together with various specific peripherals, are connected, supplied with power and fully operational, are built into a handy custom case for service technicians. A professional, durable and solid construction is of great importance for the productivity of the users and the optimal protection of your equipment.

Mobility Solutions

Solutions in detail

Gefken is a specialist and total partner in this field and thinks along with you in all cases. From concept to production. From the type of case to the installation method. So what do we think about? Some important topics are cable management, heat development, ease of use and degree of integration.

With cable management, we look at how cables run to and from peripherals or power supplies, are the cables supplied as standard the correct length, how are cables concealed in the interior and how can power supplies best be connected to any central power supply in the case?

Because some equipment gets hot during use, we also look at the heat development. For example, if power supplies are concealed and covered, so much heat can develop in such a compartment that systems can be damaged or temporarily fail. Passive cooling in the form of cooling slots can already offer a solution, but sometimes active cooling by integrating one or more fans in the case is necessary. Of course we take care of this.

Whether the system in the cases is used for presentation purposes or for work on location, ease of use for the user is of great importance. For example, together we think about the best layout, about the work process and whether the case should also be used stand-alone, i.e. without an external power supply but with an integrated battery.

It often emerges whether systems should be fully built-in so that users cannot swap cables, or whether users should be able to easily reach already connected cables. At this stage, we often consider which materials to produce the interior. A milled foam interior, an aluminum mounting panel on which equipment and power supplies are mounted, a vacuum-formed strong plastic interior, or perhaps a combination of several materials and techniques.

Mobility Solutions

Customization up to and including

The case is designed by one of our product engineers. Fully customized, if desired matching your corporate identity and of course according to the specifications that suits the type of use.

As a manufacturer of the cases, our role in so-called system integration, or “mobility solutions” as we also call it, has grown over the years. In this, the choice of you as a customer is of course leading, but after we have made an analysis of the best layout, there are roughly three options:

  • Preparation for integration: We ensure that the cases are fully customized including interior. Cable entries and mounting options are prepared by us so that you can install the system yourself. Connectors may be supplied and cut-outs for easy installation have already been made by us.
  • Semi-full integration: In this case, in addition to preparing for integration, we ensure that necessary electronics, which are not part of your system, are connected. Simply put we ensure that sufficient sockets and other desired connectors are present and connected. For example, by integrating a power strip in the case and connecting it to one central power supply on the outside. In this case, installing the system is even easier and the customer does not need to install electronics from outside his scope.
  • Full integration: In this most comprehensive form, we take all the installation work off your hands. To ensure that this runs smoothly, we would like to receive an installation plan of your system to be integrated so that we can install and test everything correctly. The various components are supplied by you and we deliver the cases to you fully ready for use so that you can start using them immediately.

Whatever system you wish to integrate to present to your customers or to work with on location, with our knowledge and production capabilities we always have a solution in house.

Mobility Solutions