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Development at Gefken

Gefken never stands still and is always developing. It started in 1959 with the production of the well-known cases for gramophone records and now, more than 60 years later, the cases and flight cases from Gefken are used worldwide to pack, transport and present a wide variety of products.

All products we supply are designed in-house and custom-made in our factory. But did you know that the aluminum profiles of all our products are designed in-house as-well? The profiles of product types such as the Gefken Basic, EDGE, G2 Flightcases and CUBE are designed by our own team and the dies used to extrude the aluminum profiles are our property.

Productontwikkeling Gefken

Continuous development and innovation.

The aluminum profiles are just one example of Gefken’s drive for innovation. It starts with our product development with the total design, the contours, of a new product. With the EDGE we clearly had a high-end product in mind. A real eye-catcher within segment of the presentation cases. Sleekly finished, the panels of high-quality material and nicely connected to the slim curves of the aluminum profile. That was our starting point and from there we developed the aluminum profiles for the frame of the case. In order to manufacture the EDGE entirely in-house, we then also had to master a new process of bending aluminum profiles and develop machines for it. Bending the aluminum profiles has given us a lot of sleepless nights, but together with a few partners we have managed to develop a machine and put it into production in a relatively short time.

The approach to the development of the CUBE was very different. We wanted to develop a high-quality case that could be manufactured quickly and easily in larger quantities. The focus with this product was on productivity. Based on these ideas, we started designing a whole new profile and here too a whole new way of producing was developed. In that sense, the CUBE, like the EDGE, has been quite drastic for our production team. However, with the CUBE we now are able to manufacture large numbers of custom packaging or presentation cases in a short time easier than ever before. An order of many hundreds or thousands of tailor-made cases, in the customer’s house style and color, including customized interior, can now be manufactures quicker than you.

It’s the details that make the difference.

In this way several product types have been created in recent years and we have put together a wide product portfolio of types of cases. The common thread here is customization for packaging, presentation and transport.

Because we attach great importance to our own identity, we have also developed various parts like hinges, corners pieces and handles for the cases and flight cases in recent years. In this way we ensure that the total product is in line, that our products are recognizable and that they meet our high standard. Another advantage is that we have the option of standardization within our production process. In our opinion, details really make the difference. For example, we are currently developing our own new handle, already our third! We are currently still in the design phase, but expect to be able to put it into production in the last quarter of 2020. It must be an ergonomic handle that fits well in the hand, gives our cases its own identity and is easy to assemble to ensure productivity. As a company, we are continuously developing to continuously improve our products and give them their own identity.

Productontwikkeling Gefken