Gefken Cases: the reliable partner for the medical sector

Packing medical equipment in tailor-made cases and flight cases. It sounds simple, but with such fragile equipment, there is a lot involved. In addition to functionality and safe transportation, you want packaging that will take the product to the next level. The cases and flight cases should be an extension of the product itself. This applies to every product in every sector, including the medical industry.

Mobility Solutions

Present products professionally with a customised presentation case!

PRESENT PRODUCTS PROFESSIONALLY WITH A CUSTOMISED PRESENTATION CASE! Present your products in a special, made-to-measure presentation case that reflects your corporate identity. Ever thought about it? How are your reps currently carrying the products? Packed in a styrofoam box to prevent damage? Or in an oversized case with some bubble wrap so things don’t move […]

Video in your presentation case

Video content is gaining in popularity and more organizations are choosing to use video for marketing purposes. On the website, on social media, but also at sales pitches from a tablet or laptop. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a thousand pictures.

System integration in your cases

System integration in your cases In order to present electronic systems such as alarm systems, home automation solutions and lighting systems to potential customers, we are integrating these systems into cases or flight cases for a larger amount of manufacturers of these systems. Plug and play. Or integrated in such a way that a complete […]

Development at Gefken

Development at Gefken Cases Gefken never stands still and is always developing. It started in 1959 with the production of the well-known cases for gramophone records and now, more than 60 years later, the cases and flight cases from Gefken are used worldwide to pack, transport and present a wide variety of products. All products […]

Presentation cases for home furnishings

Presentation cases for home furnishings Gefken has been designing and producing presentation and sample cases for the residential sector for decades. Manufacturers of sun blinds, taps, solid surface, cast floors, plaster material, indoor and outdoor lighting, alarm systems, home automation and locks, among other things, want to present their products professionally and clearly to dealers […]

At which step in your project do you involve suppliers?

At which step in your project do you involve suppliers? At what moment do you involve your supplier of packaging, transport or presentation equipment in a project? We are regularly invited by (potential) customers to think about their packaging, transport or presentation means. We would like to be involved in such a project as early […]

Gefken | Koffers Sentinel.28

Collaboration between Gefken and Sentinel

Collaboration between Gefken Cases and Sentinel Sentinel. Strong on the outside, customized on the inside. Most people know them. The waterproof plastic cases that photographers often use. They are also often used in military operation, by emergency services en route and for industrial applications. They are indestructible suitcases with extremely high demands. The most common […]

Kofferfabriek Gefken | Dutch homepage

A new website for Gefken!

Recently we have been working hard on a new online spot to display our products. A place where the professionalism of Gefken shows itself. A big success: our new website is live! The colors you are used to are still here: black, red and white. With a sleek, uncluttered design, we hope you can find […]